The Week After…

(let’s pretend it hasn’t been almost two weeks since my last post)

I will admit that the pizza scandal really motivated me to work hard last week. I completed my gym challenge (4 days) and wore my fitbit everyday! Somehow, I gained 2 pounds last week, but I am going to blame it on the pizza. Good news: this week I was down 5 lbs, so I am finally back on track! This makes for a total of 13, and even though I would have hoped it would be more by now, progress is progress!

While some may love the idea of going to the gym everyday, for me it’s more like I have to force myself. And honestly, if my fitbit didn’t automatically sync to my phone (where it would judge me every time i opened the app), I may have skipped a day. I have found the gym to be a great place to work out my anxiety. For example: Tuesday night I was two periods in to the hockey game and decided that I should watch the third from a treadmill. Now, I would like to point out that 20 minute hockey periods are a load of crap…more like 45 minutes. And I would also like to point out that the only other people that were at my gym at 10 were 4 older ladies who, I’m sure, enjoyed my commentary. I thought I would attach a picture I found on twitter which I find super helpful for the gym:


The past two weeks I was pretty adventurous in the kitchen and have some pretty good recipes to show you:

First, in last weeks post I talked about some pumpkin quinoa cookies I was going to try. verdict: gross…couldn’t get past the texture.
I also mentioned red velvet cupcakes that were vegan. These turned out chocolate (even though i spent an hour boiling beets because I was promised the cupcakes would be red) and they had a bizarre cake-ness about them. The icing was a near disaster. I bought the coconut milk for the coconut frosting but it never separated, so I made a coffee icing that was alright, and a chocolate cashew one that I really did enjoy.

On Sunday I took refuge at a friend’s house and was greeted with a bit of bourbon and some homemade jerky. The jerky was so incredible, and so naturally, I thought that I should try and make it myself.  Ever since I learned that jerky is pretty good for you I have indulged most times I have been on a road trip. Here are a couple photos: Image


The process of making jerky was fairly tedious (I sharpened that knife about ten times (and proceeded to cut myself)). I made the jerky in the oven, which is fine, but my oven doesn’t go down to 140 degrees so it was all trial and error. Anyways, the result wasn’t exactly what I was expecting (it was crispier), but I loved it!

The second thing I made was a complete surprise.  I save ingredients in my phone all the time, but i rarely save the picture, just the recipe.  I thought I was making something completely different and ended up with chocolate brownies with peanut butter chips.  The result was pretty dense, but everyone loved it! Sorry for the lack of photos for the next two recipes but I did screen shot the recipe itself (note: I used semi-sweet chocolate chips). Some of the ingredients are hard to find and or expensive, but you can make substitutions.


The second recipe was for raw nutella balls, and they were again really good and more importantly, super SUPER easy to make. This recipe takes literally 15 minutes (including the toasting of the hazelnuts). Again, I don’t have a photo but they look similar to the brownie balls i made in an earlier post – minus the coconut.  The most excruciating part of this recipe was removing the skin off the hazelnuts. I made two batches, where in the first i kept the skin on and i don’t think it made thattt much of a difference, but the taste may be a bit more bitter.  I also recommend your hands be damp when you roll the balls so they don’t stick.


Have a great week!


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