Breakfast Time!

Happy New Year! It is actually crazy that it is 2014…the past month has flown by like crazy. I don’t even know where December went…

The holidays started out on an interesting note with the lack of power…which didn’t do anything for my diet.. I mainly reached for food that was easy to grab and didn’t require a fridge to be stored (I am a little bitter that Metro sold me mouldy cucumbers and expired yogurt). That said we did manage to craft an awesome sausage pepper penne one night.  I also didn’t really get out much…considering the trek to the car was near fatal and I won’t even get into the embarrassing walk down the street (more like standing, screaming on a patch of snow, surrounded by ice, with the plow driver laughing at me). That said, since the return of power I have made a concerted effort to actually go to the gym.  I find that going in the morning is so much easier so I, (procrastinator extraordinaire) don’t have the opportunity to put it off all day. Also, I find that short spurts of gym time 30-40 minutes each time is really all I can commit.  I plan what I’m going to do each night before I go so I go in and complete everything on my list before I leave.  In the days that a gym visit isn’t in the cards, I do like to have something planned out. Yesterday, I partook in a dvd class with one of the best looking trainers out there. I present you: 

Image This dvd was basically murder, but for 25 minutes it was a tolerable torture. I also added a brisk walk with a friend to round out my workout. 

Back to what this post is about, I have some great breakfast ideas to share.

During the blackout I relapsed with a former love: Tim Horton’s or McDonalds breakfast sandwiches. While the thought of eggs in the morning usually results in severe nausea– the combo of sausage, cheese, egg, and a bun, deliciously toasted to perfection is euphoric. I decided to save some calories (and $$) and make my own. 

Sprouted wheat bun (or any other flat buns), 1 egg (or egg white), 1 piece of light swiss, and 1 piece of bacon or turkey bacon (substitute what you want)…et voilà. 


I will usually add a smoothie, fresh juice, or yogurt with grapefruit and granola with it.

Speaking of smoothie, I made a really good one that I thought I would share: 2 cups spinach, 1 handful of raspberries, 1.5 cups of pineapple, and 1 handful of strawberries, add chia seeds or protein powder if you wish. I prefer my smoothies to be not so thick, so I add ice in the cup. 

I have also made a few juices. My favourite: Blend 3 carrots, 1 pinky finger sized piece of ginger (peeled), and 2 apples. Add a 1/4 cup of water for the carrots to better blend. After, send through a straining bag and squeeze out juice. It is absolutely delicious.

Finally: This was a recent discovery…as in, an hour ago. I am honoured to pass along this recipe for the easiest pancakes in the history of the world…seriously…TRY IT.  Immediately I went to make them and even got my cousin to make them as well—and we both agree that they are AMAZING.


all you need is a banana and two eggs. blend or whisk together, and make as you would make pancakes. the batter makes six average sized pancakes although they are thin. Admittedly, mine may have had an extra taste because I noticed while pre-rinsing my blender that soap bubbles were present, so i may have had a bit of soap in my pancakes but they were still good…so yeah. Go make these. 








Until Next Time!


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