A bit of an off week + MILESTONE

I’m not really sure where the past week and half has gone…cue the “sorry it’s been so long” speech. The past several days have been off; I have woken up with either the start of a cold, a hangover (being honest), or just laid in bed far past an acceptable hour due to a lack of restful sleep.  Most of the past week has been filled with netflix and sleeping.

This past week has really been lacking in the discovery of new recipes. To be honest, I have been pretty lazy on that front probably due to the lack of sleep aforementioned. That said, I did manage to make a fresh batch of tomato sauce. I have been on the hunt for one that wasn’t salty so I decided to make my own really basic one. Super easy to make: I used onions, carrots, celery, red pepper, and garlic. Cook until they soften. Add canned tomatoes (no salt added), simmer and add the spices you like.

ImageThose that know me, know how I can’t walk away from a good sale. I literally stalk the internet for prices, and that is no exception during black friday-cyber monday. The holy grail of sales. Besides my Amazon/FutureShop/BestBuy orders, I bought the cutest of food processors for 40% off.  I bought a small one so my mom wouldn’t make me return it. Appliances have to earn there spot on our counters. It’s expensive real estate. I have made that peanut butter/banana “ice cream” in there as well as hummus and both were super easy to make and clean up was easy too. Hummus recipe: http://www.inspiredtaste.net/15938/easy-and-smooth-hummus-recipe/







As the holiday season is beginning, I have had maybe a few more g&ts than I should have. Last weekend was an absolute disaster. Not only did I have an embarrassing amount of alcohol last last thursday night, but I capped the night off with a trip to Pizza Pizza (which I swore I would never eat again after they served me stale pizza months ago). Then, the next day we took my mom and my hangover out for lunch.  Between the pulled pork poutine appie, avocado bacon burger, and birthday fresh donuts (From Stack. This place is phenomenal, and it is possible to eat decent there…just skip the donuts (not the first time though..they are bits of heaven)), I was feeling AWESOME about my diet -_- (was listening to the most depressing music while writing that, made it feel even more shameful lol) The point of divulging this is that I was SUPER reluctant to weigh myself come Friday morning. I should note that I weighed myself before my swim in the ocean of Beefeater (why did they call it that?) so I didn’t have to worry about being hungover and gaining 2094 pounds of liquor. So last friday I was actually afraid to see the damage done (obviously i’m listening to Neil Young right now). BUT. I got on the scale, and somehow I managed to lose 3.5 lbs. I can officially say I Have Lost Ten Pounds. It’s actually more like 11. In exciting news, my new scale should be arriving on Friday!

Prepare for more regular postings! Happy Holidays!!



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