Week 3 (?)

Considering it is the third-ish week in November, I thought I should post track my progress over the past week or two.  Here are a few observations:

1.  Being one of those stuck-in-a-rut types; I really can’t stick to a weekly routine.  I mapped out each gym visit on a calendar, and I don’t think I would be honest if I said that I went on the days I had planned out.  That said, I did go. And if I didn’t, I made up for it by throwing in a walk (usually while on the phone…time really does fly).

  • I’m really finding twitter/instagram/stumbleupon/pinterest super helpful for workout ideas. I’m one of those who can’t stand spending an hour at the gym. I like to get in and get out. Here’s one I recently completed (trust me, the workout was neither graceful or pretty (thankfully my gym likes to put mirrors everywhere so I know how pathetic/ridiculous I look while attempting some of these exercises)):


2. I’ve really enjoyed trying new recipes to eat cleaner…some of these meals included:

IMG_1953 IMG_1955 blackened salmon










Left to right:

Warning:  One should store the extra dry cajun spice immediately after one’s done with it.  Our kitchen was covered in the seasoning and therefore when anyone entered, immediately you would start coughing up a lung. No joke. It lasted all dinner. The zesty avocado was made purely to sooth the throat….but it was delicious, and in my humble opinion, the perfect pairing to the spicy salmon.

3. So, like I said earlier, I hate routines, especially when it involves a scale. But I guess, a weekly weigh-in is par for this dreadful course. The scale and I have a fairly awful relationship and I try to avoid it like the plague.  When I started this challenge my friends would ask when I was going to do the first weigh-in.  I avoided it for probably two-weeks before I finally got the balls to just do it (I mean, it should only get better). As I had suspected, it was awful, and it really discouraged me from doing it weekly. A couple weeks later, one of my friends asked me how my weekly weigh-in went, and well, I hadn’t done it. He then recommended I weigh myself on a Friday.  I was super skeptical…who weighs themselves on a Friday? Depending on the outcome, it could totally destroy your weekend and you end up drowning your sorrows in a tub of ice-cream  or  if it were me, an 80 dollar bar bill of gin and tonics (to each their own).  However, my friend explained the logic: Obviously weekends tend to be more lax than the weekdays, we like to live on the edge (i.e. fries instead of salad, Dawson’s Creek marathons in bed (ok. that may just be me), and a complete avoidance of the gym). Ergo, the discipline that went missing on the weekend can be applied during the week. Genius. Long story short, my weekly weigh-in was a whopping -3.5 lbs. In total, that’s about 8 pounds give or take, mainly because I need a new scale so I can avoid having to weigh myself 5 ish times and take the average (or lowest, depending on the day), and because I forgot to record the first two weeks.



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